El Impenetrable, September 2021

The work we did on this journey to the impenetrable (# 29) was to reinforce the work that our foundation carries out.

-We visited our 11 dining rooms (Lujàn, Rinconcito, 3 Pozos, Sauzal, Portal, Tartagal, Vizcacheral, Totoral, Esperanza, Stella Maris and Barrio Wichì) attended by more than 3,500 people per day.
-We take medicines to the Arturo llia rural hospital and computers that the Stambulian Foundation gave us to work with on our next visit with their doctors.
-We bring alcohol and chinstraps for 5000 children. – We visited the school that we are rebuilding (EGB N ° 926) in Vizcacheral and N ° 821, which we attend with food.
-We visited the works of 5 houses that we are building and a sanitary module for 27 families in the Secheep neighborhood.
-We visited 27 orchards that we built last year and took seeds to the reference Mr. Ismael Coria for distribution. We also carry Chainsaw, Fumigators and different chemical products. -We visit the families of our 450 sponsored children in their homes to strengthen the bond and meet their needs. We receive these families in our warehouse to deliver their monthly food bags. We did 3850 km in 4 days because we had to attend to our responsibilities here, but it was important, in such a difficult year to be close to them.

Marcelo Quirici, funder of Espiga fundation.


This House is Cristina”s House and we are building a new one right now.
We buy the Materials…hands to work

The [White] Project. Wichis and Qo’m, forgotten by God.

The [White] Project wants to open your eyes so that you can see the reality of entire communities in Argentina. Neglected by governments, indigenous races that are increasingly displaced, deprived of water, food, health, and what a human being like you and me have no idea how to live without. Children die of hunger, they are born in weight, but after 6 months they begin to undernourish and eventually die. I know that the problems are many and the things to solve are deep but at least from The White Project we want to bring them food. We will focus on calorie-dense dietary supplements. Delegating your ADAs has no cost and brings us closer to giving a better present to a child.

The [White]project quiere abrirte los ojos para que puedas ver la realidad de muchas comunidades originarias del norte argentino, olvidados por los gobiernos, indigenas que fueron desplazados de sus tierras por un capitalismo desenfrenado y con hambre de todo. Sin agua, comida, salud, educación, ni una gota de empatía del mundo hacia ellos, salvo algunos pocos que con desinterés y entrega intenta llevar adelante esta gran empresa de salvar cuantos niños puedan.

Queremos invitarte a delegar en este Pool para ayudarnos a que crezca, todas las recompensas del operador se volcarán a adquirir alimentos de alta nutrición para estos niños que nacen bien y hasta los 6 meses de edad su crecimiento es normal, luego de eso comienza la falta de nutrición llevando a algunos a la muerte.

Les dejo estos links para que conozcan un poco de su realidad.

I leave these links so that you know them.